Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Breakfast at Kuya Nix's

Today, we had our breakfast at  kuya nix's place. We were here the night before to do our tasks, and because they have a fast DSL connection, our tasks were done with speed and ease. However, we overslept and look, our tasks were not done yet, it's morning and we have to do it really really fast.
Then  kuya nix's told us to eat breakfast before continuing.

It's already on the table and here it is!

Wow! Goodie! It's pandesal and tocino with a sunny-side-up egg and rice. I was quite hungry then so I immediately captured this on my handy mobile phone and munched on the treat in front of me.

Nothing beats "lutong bahay" meals for me. There is this warmth and comfort served together with the food. I have a feeling of relaxation while eating, which we all must have. Food is for us to enjoy, so we must have a very good time while eating.

Eat and enjoy.

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