Friday, March 23, 2012

Ang Overrated(?) na Magnum Ice Cream

After a tiring day, I went out to buy this buzzing, trending item nowadays. I already saw the signs and banners at convenience store, the TV commercials, the only thing I haven't seen was the real deal itself.

With no further ado, my first Magnum experience:
with all the droplets sa wrapper

Sabi sa wrapper: Vanilla Flavoured Ice Cream Coated with Chocolate and Almonds

Sabi ko: mukha naman masarap, pero dapat lang! I spent Php 50.00 for this!

The ice cream brand was launched last February 28 here in the Philippines. I first saw it on Twitter, by model Solenn Heussaff. At first I was a bit reluctant to try it but the buzz and people's reactions on Twitter and Facebook made me say "sige na nga i-try na to."

The Magnum brand is owned by the British/Dutch Unilever company. It was first launched in 1989 with a bar of vanilla ice cream coated with chocolate. As advertised, it was Belgian chocolate which coated the vanilla ice cream. Hmmmmm.

In the Philippines, there were three varieties: Magnum Classic, Chocolate Truffle and Almond.
magnum almond
What to say? I liked it, although it's a bit small-sized for me (hehe!) I enjoyed every bite, especially the combination of the chocolate and almonds.
I was tired that day, that's why I munched on the ice cream bar for less than 3 minutes. My stress reliever was the creamy texture of the chocolate coating.
the remnant
The ice cream surely created a buzz which is going on for days now. Because of the hype it caused (thanks to their promotions and marketing teams), a Magnum craze is sweeping the Metro. Maybe the product deserves it, for me.

parang gold plated room
another one for the stick

empty wrapper :(
Overall, 4/5 for the Magnum Almond, I'm looking forward for the other flavors next time.

(This post was not meant for advertising or promotion of the mentioned product/s.)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Breakfast at Kuya Nix's

Today, we had our breakfast at  kuya nix's place. We were here the night before to do our tasks, and because they have a fast DSL connection, our tasks were done with speed and ease. However, we overslept and look, our tasks were not done yet, it's morning and we have to do it really really fast.
Then  kuya nix's told us to eat breakfast before continuing.

It's already on the table and here it is!